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In this page you'll find links to friendly web sites.

Page-rankings are numbers between 0 and 10, whereby 0 means that the page is unknown to Google (are there pages that Google doesn't see? Don't ask me!) or that Google doesn't rank (disqualified?); 1 is very weak; 2 is weak; 3 is sort-of average; 4 is definitely above average; 5 is good; ...; and 10 means that your web site is Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Adobe.

We should all aim for a ranking of 5, but it isn't easy. Google doesn't really explain how it calculates the page rankings. One thing is clear, though: page ranking is higher if many web sites link to yours, especially if they have many visitors and have a high page ranking.

At the moment of starting this list, in mid 2014, the page ranking of this site is 2. Not really good. But perhaps, if some of the sites I link to will reciprocate and add a link to zambon.com.au, my page ranking will increase. Google does not accept cheats. Therefore, I will only link to sites of people whom I am in contact with either directly or through Yahoo and Google groups, LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc.

The following list is in no particular order. I just keep adding links to the bottom. If you share an interest with me, and especially if you are an author, I will be happy to add a link to your web site (as long as it doesn't contain anything racist, sexist, speciesist, or discriminatory).

The Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild

Chris Andrews (author)

Alan Baxter (author)

Phill Berrie (author)

M.A. Dunham (author)

David Duffy (author)

Matthew Farrer (author)

Elizabeth Fitzgerald (editor)

Ross Hamilton (author)

Donna Maree Hanson (author and editor)

Russell Kirkpatrick (author)

Patty Jansen (author)

Rik Lagarto (author and game designer extraordinaire)

Ian McHugh (author)

Robbie Matthew (author, editor, ...)

Nicole Murphy (author)

Tim Napper (author)

Shauna O'Meara (artist and author)

Simon Petrie (author)

Gillian Polack (author)

Rivqa Rafael (editor and author)

Leife Shallcross (author)

Zena Shapter (author)

Cat Sheely (author)

Cat Sparks (author)

Kaaron Warren (author)

Robert Easterbrook (author)

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