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by Giulio Zambon

Publisher: Physics (RAAF) Department, University of Melbourne, Research Report No 147

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During the first half of 1984, I was Visiting Fellow with the Physics (RAAF) Departmente at the University of Melbourne. The RAAF part means that it was the part of the Physics Department that taught Physics to the cadets of the Royal Australian Air Force. But I had nothing to do with the lectures. The group I was attached to worked on athmospheric models.

In early 1984, programming was done on minicomputers and mainframes. In fact, it was at that time that I saw the first Macintosh, the 128 kB machine that revolutionised computing. After years of typing cryptic commands, the first time I played with MacPaint and MacWrite was an unforgettable experience.

But I am digressing.

The department had a Unison microprocessor-based computer running under Unix, and I took the initiative to develop a BASIC compiler for it. This report describes in detail how I did it.

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