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200 Puzzling Hearts
by Giulio Zambon

ISBN: 978-1-4709-7270-7
Publisher: Self-published with Lulu
Publication date: 2011-11-21. Pages: 137.
From 2011-11-21 on: Lulu for USD 9.99 in print

ISBN: 978-1-4658-2635-0
Publisher: Self-published with Smashwords
Publication date: 2011-11-21.
From 2011-11-21 on: Smashwords for USD 0.99 in several formats

Two hundred easy Sudokus that go directly to your heart.

This book contains two hundred Sudokus that have their initial clues arranged in the shape of a heart. The heart puzzles are fairly easy to solve, without having to resort to complex strategies like X-wing or Swordfish.

heart Sudoku

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