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Sudoku Programming with C
by Giulio Zambon

ISBN: 978-1484209967
Publisher: Apress of New York (NY).
Publication date: 2015-03-12. Pages: 281.

List price: USD 24.99
Available in print and in digital formats. The links are listed in the Home Page

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1Modeling a Sudoku Puzzle in C
 Chapter 2The Strategies
 Chapter 3The Solver Program
 Chapter 4Implementing “Unique”
 Chapter 5Implementing “Naked” Strategies
 Chapter 6Implementing “Hidden” Strategies
 Chapter 7Implementing “Box-Line&rdquo
 Chapter 8Implementing “Pointing Line”
 Chapter 9Implementing “Lines” Strategies
 Chapter 10Implementing “Y-wing”
 Chapter 11Implementing “XY-chain”
 Chapter 12Implementing “Rectangle”
 Chapter 13Implementing “Backtrack”
 Chapter 14Solving Thousands of Puzzles
 Chapter 15Generating Sudokus
 Chapter 16Puzzle Statistics and More Puzzles
 Chapter 17Special Sudokus
 Chapter 18Multi-Grid Sudokus
 Appendix ADevelopment Environment
 Appendix BAbbreviations and Acronyms


On 3 January 2011, I proposed to Apress to publish a book about writing programs to solve and generate Sudoku puzzles. As they were not interested, I went ahead and, on 23 April of the same year, self-published “Sudoku Programming” with Lulu. Then, on 3 December 2011, I published an equivalent book for Java programmers: “How to Create Your Own Sudokus with Java ”, also with Lulu.

You can imagine my surprise when on 18 November 1914 I received an email from Apress asking me whether I was still interested in publishing a book about Sudoku programming with them! It goes [almost] without saying that I accepted their offer, although the book contract included the condition that I would have to retire the books I had self-published on the same subject.

The Apress book is much better than the original “Sudoku Programming” because it gave me the opportunity to use the improved algorithms I had developed for the Java version of the book. I also extended the contents of the book to include the generation of symbolic puzzles

symbolic Sudoku

and a comfortable way to create of multi-grid Sudokus.

Samurai Sudoku

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