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MatheMagics Asia is a Singapore-based company that offers Math tuition and publishes Math books. Their motto is: Bringing alive the magic of Math.

In August 2012, Rajdeep Ghai, MatheMagics Asia's CEO, discovered my web site and expressed interest in my 30-Second Challenge puzzles. This was the beginning of a partnership that has so far resulted in the publication of nine books of puzzles: I developed the programs to generate the puzzles, and Rajdeep published the books and added them to the already substantial list of MatheMagics Asia's Math books.

Both Rajdeep and I believe that, by having fun with numeric puzzles, children develop a familiarity and ease with Math that they wouldn't achieve with dry and repetitive exercises.

I generated for MatheMagics Asia the following puzzles:

Rajdeep seemed a reasonable person and I accepted to work for him on the basis of an agreement we made via email. He agreed to send me regular information on the sales figures and pay me 10% of royalties. But he never told me how many books he was selling and, after sending me a payment of $200, he completely stopped communicating with me.

I tried to talk with him, his secretary, and his wife, but to no avail. Once, while I stopped in Singapore, I even went to his office, but was told that he wasn't in.

I contacted the on-demand publisher, but was told that they couldn't deal with me.

My only consolation is that I could have not done anything even if I had had a notarised agreement because reporting him for a breach of contract would have not been worth the effort.

One thing that annoys me to no end is that the person who formatted the books for MatheMagis Asia introduced errors, so that now my name is on the cover of books that contain puzzles with wrong solutions.

Do not buy books from Mathemagics Asia!

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