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100 Double CalcuDokus
by Giulio Zambon

ISBN: 978-1-4709-9680-2
Publisher: Self-published with Lulu
Publication date: 2011-12-06. Pages: 105.
From 2011-12-06 on: Lulu for USD 9.99 in print

ISBN: 978-1-4661-1891-1
Publisher: Self-published with Smashwords
Publication date: 2011-12-08.
From 2011-12-08 on: Smashwords for USD 0.99 in several formats

This book contains 100 Double CalcuDoku puzzles. CalcuDokus, introduced in 2004 as KenKen® (a registered trademark of Nextoy LLC), is a 9x9 numeric puzzle similar to Sudoku. But, unlike Sudoku, CalcuDoku doesn't require you to learn complex strategies. A Double CalcuDoku is obtained by overlapping two CalcuDoku puzzles. It's a great puzzle that is fun to play, and there are no other books that let you play it.

Double CalcuDoku

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