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On 2010-07-10, I created the blog Resistance is futile.

In nine months I had posted to it almost 56 kWords on a wide range of subjects:

and the blog had received more than five thousand visits from ninety-five different countries and most of the United States. I was only missing Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Maine, Montana, and North Dakota.

But, slowly slowly, I lost interest, probably because I received close to no comments. Here is the number of posts I made over the years: 2010: 54, 2011: 70, 2012: 46, 2013: 35, 2014: 21.

Then, in April 2015 I posted a single article and none after that. And yet, at the time of updating this page (2019-01-10 15:08), I have accumulated 124,553 pageviews, of which 955 in the last month.

OK. It is not as hot as some blogs that count their visitors in the millions, but it is nice to know that thousands of people read what I write.

In fact, it is not a blog in the strict sense of the word, because I write very little about myself and what happens to me. It is more a "virtual soapbox" on which I step on to say what I think and believe (or don't believe).

If you look at the number of pageviews over the years:


You can clearly see that, somehow not surprisingly, the number of views increased steadily as long as I kept posting and decreased when I stopped.

In any case, the three most viewed articles are about programming:

5906 views:Fortran and Eclipse on the Mac
5799 views:OO - UML Structure Diagrams
5540 views:OO - UML Behavior Diagrams

Perhaps I should resume posting...

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