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Inner Control

"Inner Control" was the first story I submitted to a magazine. It was a Science Fiction story of about two thousand words in length and the year was 1999. I submitted it to Analog and I now know that I didn't have a chance. The story was simply not good enough, and also not enough well written. When that, unsurprisingly, didn't work out, I submitted it to the Australian magazine Altair, where it got rejected as well. In 2008, I worked a bit on it and submitted it to Aurealis, perhaps the most widely known Australian magazine of Speculative Fiction. Here is what the reviewer had to say:

Hated the beginning. Stories that start off with dialogue can work brilliant, but the dialogue needs to be brilliant too. This is mundane and structurally neuters the story right from the start. It removes much of the dynamic between cop and killer and turns the interview into one big long info dump. The cop plays no role. Technically there should be more than one cop, I believe. The cop does nothing. This is a dumb cop who shouldn't be interviewing on his own. Writer might say well that's all part of it -- if so we need the build up. Some good SF ideas but not at all played out well.

After such a reaction, I thought it was perhaps time to ditch the story for good. Just in case you want to read it, click here (at your own risk).


This is something I composed with the name of the currencies of thirty-two countries. I chose the names on the basis of their last letter and the way they sounded together. Do I dare call it an abstract poem?
I published it in my blog and you can read it there.
Alternatively, you can click here.

A New Year's Tale

For many years now, I have found the enthusiasm universally expressed at midnight of new year's eves quite absurd. In an attempt to communicate my feelings concerning the new year's celebrations, I posted this short SF story to my blog on 2011-01-01.
You can read it there or click here.

Code Red

This is a slightly modified version of a micro-story that was shortlisted in the "Positive Words" mini-competition of February 2010. Amazingly, Sandra James, who organises the monthly mini-competitions, is not present on the web. If you want to participate, you have to use snail-mail.

The mini-competions have two special requirements: your story must not exceed one hundred words in length, and you have to include one particular word, which changes every month. My word was captain.

I published it in my blog and you can read it there.
Alternatively, you can read it by clicking here.

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