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The Gladiator and the Vestal
by Monica Venier

ISBN: 978-1311415011
Publisher: Self-published with Smashwords on 2014-11-12.
Available on Smashwords for USD 0.99 in several formats

A story of love ad adventure in Imperial Rome.

When the man she loved disappeared without a word, she joined the Order of the Vestals to avoid a marriage of convenience. Now, years later, she discovers that he is back in Rome and that he still loves her.

Their lives couldn't be further apart: she has pledged herself to a life of seclusion and chastity, while he fights in the arena as a gladiator.

After rediscovering their love for each other, Livia and Octavius cannot imagine to be separated again, but the customs of Imperial Rome condemn their love as blasphemy and punish it by death.

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