Writing - Fiction - Stories - Invasion

by Giulio Zambon

Genre: Science Fiction
Length: 495 words

Publisher: AntipodeanSF #149

"Invasion" is a first-contact story: technologically advanced aliens discover us and don't like what they see. They decide that Earth should be destroyed...

AntipodeanSF doesn't keep their stories online for long, but the National Library of Australia considers their site of cultural value and preserves it for posterity (yes: including my story :-)
Therefore, you can read "Invasion" by clicking here.
The last time I checked the link (2019-01-10), the average rating given to the story was 4.50 out of 5. Not bad!


I wrote "Invasion" in November 2009. Its length was originally just above a thousand words.

Before it was accepted by AntipodeanSF, Invasion was rejected five times.
The first submission I made was on 2009-11-28 to Flash Fiction Online, an American webzine, and they must have hated it, because they only needed six days to reject it.

The second submission was to the Pedestal Magazine, another American webzine (there is still a Pedestal Magazine, but it seems something that has nothing to do with SF), on 2009-12-04. They rejected it after 35 days.

Then, on 2010-02-06, I submitted it to an Australian webzine, Dog-Ear Tales, which closed down before replying.

Next, on 2010-02-26, it was the time of another American magazine: Clarkesworld. They are online, but also publish printed anthologies of their stories. I received a rejection after four days.

The fifth submission, on 2010-03-17, was to Facts & Fiction, allegedly the UK's premier storytelling magazine. Another rejection, and within the day.

At this point, I halved the wordcount and submitted the story to AntipodeanSF on 2010-04-11. They sat on it for 54 days, but came back with an email of acceptance.

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