Puzzles - Double CalcuDocu

Double CalcuDokus are two partially overlapping CalcuDokus like the following one:

Double CalcuDoku

While to generate my Samurai Sudokus I first created separate Sudoku Classics and then merge them, to create the Double CalcuDoku, I developed a program that generates both puzzles to be merged.
This allowed me to create cages that cross the puzzle boundaries.

The overlapping area can cover anything from a single cell to an 8x8 area, although, at least for the time being, my program can only generate puzzles with a square overlap, in which the numbers of rows and columns are the same.
The example shown above has a 6x6 overlap, although my favourite overlapping actually is 7x7.

If you need custom-made Double CalcuDoku puzzles for any occasion with any size of overlapping, don't hesitate to send me an email.

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