I have always liked to write programs capable of playing logical games.
What interests me in this area is implementing strategies.

Already many years ago, when I was still programming in Fortran IV and entering lines of code via punched cards, I wrote a program that could beat most people at a particular version of master mind (four items, ten colours/symbols, no repetitions allowed).

More recently, I have spent quite some time developing programs to solve and generate logical/numeric puzzles. The book Sudoku Programming with C is the most visible result of that effort, but I have also worked on other puzzles.

I have generates several numeric puzzles that are not described in this section of the web site. To see them, check out MathSearch Puzzles, MathSquare Puzzles, Target Countdown Puzzles, and Cross Number Puzzles.

If you need a program to generate and/or solve puzzles, don't hesitate to send me an email.

You can contact me at email address or send a BGG message to BloodyMe.

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