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Railroad Streetcar

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The only English edition of Streetcar was published in 1995 by Mayfair Games and has become practically impossible to obtain. The original rule book is not available and the version on BGG doesn't include any image.

I was fortunate enough to know somebody who had a copy of Streetcar and sent me photographs of the rule book taken with his phone, so that I could type it from scratch and re-create its explanatory images. Strictly speaking, I am violating Mayfair's copyright, but intellectual-property laws exist to prevent people from stealing royalty money from the authors, Streetcar is no longer in print, and I don't derive any income from publishing its rule book. If, one day, Mayfair Games will decide to reprint Streetcar, they will have to send me a note and tell me to desist. Till then...

To make a game like this:

Streetcar game

you need to start with a square of heavy cardbord with dimensions 420x420mm. If you draw on it horizontal and vertical lines spaced 30mm, you will obtain a chessboard-like grid of 14x14 cells. You will play the game on the central 12x12 cells, and use the edge cells for the termini.

Print the image borders.jpg on self-adhesive paper taking care that the squares have sides of 30mm:


and stick the pieces on the edge cells that do not correspond to termini.

Then, print the image termini-stations.jpg on self-adhesive paper, again taking care that the squares have sides of 30mm:

termini and stations

and stick it on packaging cardboard. After cutting the pieces, stick them onto the board. The raised termini and stations will make playing the game easier. To know exactly where to stick termini and stations, view the game image above on its own, so as to make the details visible.

Print the tiles pages (again, ensure that you get 30x30mm squares) on self-adhesive paper and stick them on packaging cardboard. To obtain the tiles you will only need to cut the squares. I used a Stanley knife free-hand, and the result was perfectly acceptable.

Print the cards (250 grams per square metre stock will do) and the speed board. Then, you will need to make trams in the six colours. I implemented them by gluing together pairs of small wooden cubes and covering each double-cube with self adhesive paper that I had printed in the appropriate colours.

To complete the implementation of Streetcar you will need 13 markers, 12 to indicate the sides of the stations with the stops and one to mark the current speed limit on the speed board. Almost anything will do.

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