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Ganz Schön Clever

Download zipped rule book

Download zipped PnP game

All I needed to do to implement Ganz Schön Clever was download the score sheets from BGG and find dices of the right colours. But the score sheets I found online reproduced the original ones and used therefore too much black ink. That's why I redrew the score sheets as follows:

Ganz Schön Clever's score sheet

Ganz Schön Clever

Somebody later pointed out to me that the purple section had become pink. The main reason was that I had found a pink die instead of a purple one. In the zipped file you will find a page with four "pink" score sheets (which is what I use) and the new "purple" version.

Here is how a game looks like:

Ganz game

And yes, I replaced the white die with a red one because that is what I had.

I re-wrote the rule book and made the figures for it to avoid infringing copyright on the original one. In it I refer to the red die instead of the white one, but otherwise the rules are correctly reproduced.

The score sheet is also available on BGG here.

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