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Star Truckies

Type: pick up and deliver
Age: 10+
#Players: 2-6
Duration: 15-20m per player
Version: 0.11
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You buy transport contracts from the Terran Federation (TF) and execute them by ferrying cargo across a region of space that contains space docks and planets. To fly the starships, you and the other captains throw in turn two dice and execute space jumps. To defend your ship and attack other ships, you can buy photon torpedoes manufactured on the lawless planet Ultimus.

Each space jump requires fuel, which competes for the limited carrying capacity of the ships against paying cargo and weaponry.

When you deliver your cargo to its destination, you receive the payment set in the contract and can buy there a new load of cargo and/or more fuel to fulfil further contracts.

On your way through the stars, besides competing with hostile ships, you need to deal with space anomalies, which can throw you off course and damage your ship.

The game ends when the players complete an agreed number contracts, and the winner is the player with the highest amount of assets.

Here is how the board looks like:

StarTruckies board

But the coloured sectors are not fixed: they can be turned and swapped. Each player gets a control board like the following one:

StarTruckies control board

I worked a lot on this game and got the retro-starship drawn by a professional artist (at a non-negligible expense), but I lost momentum and had to take a pause. Perhaps I will pick it up again. I even bought the domain (expired now)...


Notes on Implementation / PnP

The game includes a configurable board, one control board per player, cards, and several tokens and chips.

I printed the board on self-adhesive A4 sheets that I then applied to 2mm-thick dense cardboard. It was not trivial to cut it. If I were to do it again, I would use 1mm cardboard, which I would be able to cut with scissors. I could cut the board with normal scissor. I manage to fit the whole game in the cardboard box for a small pizza.

You can print the cards on 250 gsm cardboard and sleeved them. They are easy to reshuffle and stiff enough to play. I recommend that when you print them you find the correct scaling by trial and error, until you are sure that the cards fit in the sleeves without problems.


I made and play-tested ten versions of the game. It works but, somehow, I'm not happy with the level and type of interaction between the players.

Would you buy StarTruckies on Kickstarter? If yes, what do you think would be the right price? If you have any suggestion or recommendation, please let me know.

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