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The image of Carcassonne that you see above shows the box of the first English edition of 2000 because that is the version I used as a base for my expansion.

I felt that some tiles were missing and implemented them myself:

left right monastry dead end river branch river section

The first three tiles are now available in published Carcassonne expansions, but the road-end with an inn and the river branch are not.

I added a new river section to keep the number of playable river tiles to be even in number.

Notes on Implementation / PnP

I used PaintShop Pro to edit scanned images of existing tiles, printed them on self-adhesive paper, and stuck them onto the right type of cardboard (2mm thick, high density from an art shop).

The river branch required an additional end tile. That was clear from the beginning and I could easily make it by scanning an existing tile. But expanding the river posed a problem: I usually play the 10 tiles (now 12) by simply turning them face down on the table. To be able to keep doing that, I made a copy of the source and end tiles and stuck the river branch and the new river straight to the front of them. In this way, all three end-tiles had a different back, but the 12 playable tiles had the original back and could be played normally. The additional thickness of the new tiles due to the adhesive paper was not enough to make the tiles distinguishable when they were placed face down

I cannot find anywhere my scans of the source and end tiles. If you are really desperate, let me know and I will scan them for you.

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