Games - My completed games - Kar-kas-onn


Type: tile laying
Age: 8+
#Players: 2-5
Duration: 15-20m per player
Version: first
Download zipped rulebook
Download zipped PnP

Kar-kas-onn is a double-sided Carcassonne based in space.

When I play Carcassonne, I always draw the tiles from a canvas bag. I started doing it because I couldn't be bothered to turn all the tiles face down and pile them up. Then, later, when I developed my own custom tiles to add to the normal game, I had to do it because I couldn't have possibly made my tiles visually indistinguishable from the original ones.

The fact that one drew the tiles blindly made it possible to make both playable. And, because I am a Science-Fiction freak, I decided to make my own version of Carcassone based in space, with habitats instead of cities, wormholes instead of roads, planets instead of monastries, and space regions instead of fields. Doesn't Kar-kas-onn sound alien? To make it more interesting, I defined two types of habitats, which forced me to create hybrid tiles to connect them to one another.

I tried to recruit at least three different artists, but nobody was interested in collaborating on my game for the fame. That's why I ended up making very abstract tiles. Here is an example of what I came up with:

Kar-kas-onn example

It includes green and red habitats, wormholes, and a green-red hybrid tile. And here is my Nebula, which is equivalent to carcassonne's River:


Notice that it includes a planet (I know, it actually looks like a galaxy...), which is the equivalent of a monastry.

Notes on Implementation / PnP

Obviously, the game consists exclusively of tiles.

I printed them on self-adhesive A4 sheets that I then applied to 2mm-thick dense cardboard. I first applied one side and cut them with a Stanley knife (it was hard...). Then, I printed the other sides (also on self-adhesive paper), cut them with the scissors, and carefully stuck them to the back of the tiles (fiddly...). Now, I would print both sides on 250gsm (grams per square metre) cardboard, cut them with the scissors, and glue them together. I'm confident that it would work out well.

The rule book is in fact a single page that explains how Kar-kas-onn differs from Carcassonne.


I pitched the idea to Carcassonne's publisher, Hans im glück, but they dismissed me not entirely gracefully. I can publish the game, but only if I distribute it for free.

It would be nice to know whether you like Kar-kas-onn.

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