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Type: card game - deck building
Age: 8+
#Players: 2-4
Duration: 15-20m per player
Version: 0.7
Download zipped rulebook
Download zipped PnP

Jollywood is centered on the film industry. You are a film producer and become rich by making films and releasing them to the public. But you have to compete with other producers in the cut-throat entertainment business.

You build a production tableau of several films, and each film consists of a series of cards that you arrange like this:


It costs money to keep a production open (to pay for director, actors, and staff), while closed productions earn box office money. You close a production by adding to it a Release card, but can only do so if the production includes a Genre or Script card, a Director, and at least one actor and one member of the staff, as shown in the SF film above.

Other players can steal cards from your open productions. Closed productions are safe, but you cannot expand them.

As you can see from the images above, one of the appealing features of Jollywood is that it uses celebrity look-alike characters and names. For example, "Jonathon Frokes" looks like Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes, and the science expert looks like Albert Einstein. Click here to see the names of all the celebrities I have included in the game.

Because I draw the characters myself, I don't need to use pictures and worry about their copyright. That said, obviously, I would prefer to have the images professionally drawn. Also, It requires a lot of time to draw the images and I only did it for the SF genre. For the other three genres I did use pictures downloaded from the Internet. This will obviously have to change if and when I will properly publish the game and ask to be paid for it.

The current version of Jollywood includes four genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Historical, and War. It has been suggested that I introduce Romance and/or Comedy. I agree, but they are cosmetic changes, and I would like first to find a publisher for the game.

There are several other games about film making, but they are very different from Jollywood. After designing most of Jollywood, I discovered that it shares a couple of aspects with Hollywood but they are minor and their implementation is different.

Notes on Implementation / PnP

I printed the cards on 250 gsm cardboard and sleeved them. They are easy to reshuffle and stiff enough to play. I recommend that when you print them you find the correct scaling by trial and error, until you are sure that the cards fit in the sleeves without problems.


The current version is the seventh one. I played the game several times with 2 to 4 players and it seems to work. I have been talking with some publishers, but nothing has yet materialised on that front.

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