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Type: fun card game to drive social interaction
Age: 12+
#Players: 3 or more
Duration: 30-60m
Version: first
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The purpose of the game is to have fun with friends, ideally in a party setting. I got the idea for this game from the spin-the-bottle game I used to play at parties when I was a teen-ager. It worked like this: a mix of girls and boys sat in circle on the floor. In turn, somebody spun an empty bottle in the middle of the circle. When the bottle stopped, the "spinner" kissed or slapped the cheek of the boy or girl the bottle pointed to. It never failed to get some young hormones flowing and some cheek reddening (and not just because they had been slapped). It was an innocent enough game for more innocent times.

Inhibited replaces the original "cheek" and "hand/lips" with nine different body parts, as shown in the following image. Notice that I have used three skin colours (pink, brown, and yellow) to avoid any race bias. I have also used some male and female parts to limit gender bias. All body-part cards have a green border and a number of points that sort-of reflects the intimacy of the part:

Inhibited - parts

The two original actions of "kiss" and "slap" have become "contact" and "rub/stroke". One of such action cards and two body parts result in 162 possible activities, ranging from a slap on a cheek worth a total of 5 points to rubbing your lips against another player's lips for 10 points. The action cards have a red border.

Inhibited - actions

Additionally, I have created eight cards that combine an action and a body part. For example, in order to kiss, you need to use your lips, and you can only slap, squeeze, and fondle with your hand:

Inhibited - action+part

Finally, I have included three change cards that let the players modify the activities:

Inhibited - change cards

To learn the details of the game you will have to read the rule book, but the essence of it is pretty simple: a player sets up an activity between two players and all players in turn can play cards to change the activity and/or the players involved; when there are no more changes, the activity must be carried out.

Notes on Implementation / PnP

I printed the cards on 250 gsm cardboard and sleeved them. They are easy to reshuffle and stiff enough to play. I recommend that when you print them you find the correct scaling by trial and error, until you are sure that the cards fit in the sleeves without problems.


I tried the game and it is great fun. I contacted a couple of publishers but so far without success.

I have made a version of the game for adults named "Uninhibited". You will find it on this web site, but be warned: it is not for the faint-hearted!

Would you buy Inhibited on Kickstarter? If yes, what do you think would be the right price? If you have any suggestion or recommendation, please let me know.

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