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MacDOS 1.0 and 2.0
by Giulio Zambon

ISBN: none
Publisher: Rainbow Hill Pty Ltd.
Publication dates: Oct 1993 / Sep 1994. Pages: 180 / 200.

List price: Delivered in digital form for free as part of the software package. Optionally available in printed form for AUD25.00 .

You can download the whole MacDOS 2.0 manual in PDF format (826 kb) by clicking here.

You will find additional information on the software product MacDOS and on Rainbow Hill in my personal website at There, you will also be able to read the full source listings.

John Rotenstein, in his very positive review of MacDOS for "Australian MacWorld", said:
Credit should be given to the Western Australian company Rainbow Hill, maker of MacDOS, for creating such a professional product. The user guide, supplied on disk and available in printed form for an additional $25, is of very high quality and somewhat better than the DOS manuals supplied by many IBM-clone manufacturers. The manual very clearly explains the differences between MacDOS and standard DOS commands, most notably explaining how to cope with filenames which are much more expressive than the DOS "eight-dot-three" filenames.

What follows is the first subsection of the first chapter of the manual MacDOS 2.0.

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