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On 2010-07-10, I created the blog Resistance is futile.

Since then, I have posted to it almost 56 kWords (as per today, 2011-04-15) on a wide range of subjects:

The blog has received more than five thousand visits from ninety-five different countries and most of the United States. I am only missing Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Maine, Montana, and North Dakota. If you know somebody in one of those states, why don't you ask them to come for a visit?   :-)

OK. It is not as hot as some blogs that count their visitors in the millions. Still, it's nice to know that thousands of people read what I write there.

In fact, it is not a blog in the strict sense of the word, because I write very little about myself and what happens to me. It is more a "virtual soapbox" on which I step on to say what I think and believe (or don't believe).